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The SwipeHelper Logo, proudly created in Microsoft Paint.

What is this site about and for whom is it intended?

SwipeHelper’s guides represent the result of years of active Tinder use and research into the app’s inner workings. The purpose of the articles is to pass that knowledge on to every interested user in order to maximize their success and enjoyment of the app, as well as clear up the most commonly asked questions. All this without delving into the all present pick up artist content.

While there are no guarantees that all estimates and theories therein are 100% accurate (I don’t work for Tinder), they have so far held up. If at some point a theory is disproven by a newer test, or the rules change in a newer Tinder version, I do my best to keep the guides up to date.

If you’re a guy or girl who wants to learn more about how Tinder works, or the general rules for a good Tinder or Bumble profile, as well as some online dating tips in general, then this site is meant for you.

How did SwipeHelper come to be?

In the beginning, there was Reddit. Or rather r/tinder. That’s where I spent a lot of my free time while I was trying to optimize my Tinder experience.

After a while, I had gone from asking to answering questions, and while I still wanted to continue clearing up people’s questions, writing the same answers over and over became tiring. So I decided to write an F.A.Q. post and the original reset and algorithm guides, to link to in the future (I have since deleted my old user account and created a brand and a private account instead). The post was well received, and I tried to get it stickied by the mods of the sub. Initially, it looked like they were going to make it part of the wiki, but then communications faded and nothing ever happened.

At this point, I became motivated to finally create my first ever website, expanding on what I had earlier posted to Reddit. After a bit of teaching myself how to, and with a minimal budget of do-it-all-yourself, was born. I guess at this point I should thank the r/tinder mods for not adding my posts to the wiki.

In time, r/swipehelper joined the ranks, as a platform to post discussion threads about dating apps and online dating in general, that don’t drown in an endless barrage of Tinder pick up line screenshots.

And what does the future hold? I’ve began to venture into other dating apps like Bumble, and will continue to work on expanding the site with guides and thoughts for online dating, while trying to maintain the integrity of the SwipeHelper’s founding principles

  • No PuA material
  • No “hacks”
  • No bullshit listicles and low value, low effort content
  • Only Articles I was inspired to write, as opposed to sat down and forced myself to come up with something fitting a keyword
  • Only unintrusive ads, and no annoying as hell “sign up for our newsletter” pop ups to swat away.

If you ever feel like I’m beginning to stray, don’t hesitate to let me know in either comments or subreddit.

For inquiries regarding the website, comments, praise and criticism, please turn to the subreddit or contact SwipeHelper.

Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy the guides, articles and blog posts and find what you are looking for 🙂

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